Jackie Wilson, Math/Science

Jacquelyn Wilson, MS Math/Science

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My name is Jacquelyn Wilson. I am a Middle School Math and Science Teacher at Lin-Wood Public School. I am a curious person who loves the natural world and wants to know how it works. The more I learn and understand, the more my awe for it grows. I love to be outside, travel, experience different cultures, and listen to music. I grew up in New York, have lived in Australia, Germany and Tanzania, and am so happy to have settled here in New Hampshire and in this community in particular. It has been a great place to raise my two kids; we love this community and to ski, bike, swim, hike and camp together. My son has graduated from Linwood and attends Dartmouth College, and my daughter is in the 8th grade here this year.

I teach grade 6 math and science! I love the problem solving, patterns and creative thinking involved in math. And I dig science because science is a way of knowing. It’s not only a body of knowledge but also the processes and practices used to add to that body of knowledge. When the dots of biology, chemistry and physics are connected together the natural world unfolds and astounds! Teaching allows me to combine my love for science, patterns and problem solving with working with young people; I love their energy, interests, open minds and senses of humor. I like getting to know my students and understanding the many different ways in which they learn so that I can help them develop skills, learn math and science, and develop into confident problem solvers!


My Education and Professional Background:

My professional life has been a wonderful mixture of educational and scientific experiences. I received a Bachelor’s of Science from Cornell University in 1992, where I studied ecology and natural resources, and then worked for a few years for the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study as a research technician collecting all types of environmental data. I decided to return to school to become a teacher, and attended the University of Maine at Orono to do so. Over the years I have taught Tanzanian students while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, at Kennett Junior High, Kennett High School, Profile High School and now Lin-Wood! I am fortunate to have experienced several different schools and ages of students, as well as to have worked with renowned scientific researchers. I feel that these experiences have given me the breadth and depth necessary to serve the students of Lin-Wood.