Allison Frobey, Art

Allison Frobey, Art

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My name is Allison Frobey I am the K-12 Fine Art Teacher at Lin-Wood Public School.  I love teaching here at Lin-Wood.  While it can be crazy to plan for every level I teach I thoroughly appreciate the fact that I never had to pick just one age group of students to teach, and instead I get to work with them all!  I like the challenge of figuring out how to build unique lessons in order to keep everyone engaged, everyday, for 14 years!  Out of my classroom I am not a person who can be still and chill for long periods of time which is why I love being an art teacher- it keeps me both mentally and physically engaged.  The students always have something entertaining to share, or a challenge they need assistance working through.  And to use one of my own personal interests- art- as the common foundation to help bridge those connections is very rewarding for me.

My Education and Professional Background: 

I was always in enrichment art classes through ES MS and HS.  During high school I knew I wanted to work with children so I first went to Plymouth State for Early Childhood Education.  Halfway through I realized I was missing something from my life that had driven me for so long, and therefore combined both my interests and decided to focus on Art Education with a specialization in Art History.  I graduated with a Bachelor Degree, found my K-12 job here at Lin-wood, and have been here for 10 years!