K-5 Guidance

To reach Vicki Schinaman, the K-5 Guidance Counselor, you may email her at vschinaman@lin-wood.org or call the Elementary School.  Her number is 603-745-2214 x239.



As the elementary school counselor at Lin-Wood, I believe that with the appropriate coaching and supports, all children can become successful students and function as contributing members of our school community.  

Some of the services I provide, as a means to achieving this outcome, are grade-level classroom guidance lessons, general counseling services for school-related issues, groups for students with similar needs, and IEP services to address social-emotional learning goals through research-based curriculum instruction.  I am also available as a resource for parents if they have questions or concerns regarding their child and encourage frequent communication between the school and family when a student is struggling.  

Specific interests and areas of training for me include anxiety resolution, trauma-sensitive approaches, Conscious Discipline and Responsive Classroom, and mindfulness.

A short list of services Dr. Schinaman provides:

  • IEP services for SEL learning goals through (1:1 or small group) research-based curriculum instruction
  • general counseling services for school-related issues
  • group meetings for students with similar needs
  • grade-level classroom guidance lessons (with Erin Bell)
  • coordinate standardized testing