Request For Bids

Lincoln-Woodstock Cooperative School District – Science Classroom Renovations


The Lincoln-Woodstock Cooperative School District is requesting bids for the proposed renovations of the existing science classroom. 

The proposed project will renovate approximately 1,150 sq.ft. of the existing science classroom plus a further 280 sq.ft. of the adjacent office and storage space. 

The scope of work will include selective demolition of all the existing interior cabinetry, counters, fittings and fixtures, and replacement with new materials in a new configuration.  The new configuration will require re-work of the existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as extension of the existing fire suppression system to cover the new renovated spaces. 

A mandatory walk-through is scheduled for Tuesday November 27th 2018 at 3pm; bids are due on or before Friday December 7th, 2018.  The project is subject to voter approval in March of 2019, with works to be undertaken in the Summer of 2019. 

For full bidding documents please contact Jeanette Fecteau at 603-745-2051 or  jfecteau@lin-wood.org.  

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